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The Anime Freshmen Podcast

Join us as we get together on our bi-weekly podcast which brings you our fresh take on the medium that is anime.

Whether you are a seasoned anime fan or an anime freshman, we have you covered. Sit back, enjoy and keep it fresh!

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Jun 28, 2023

Big Shoutout to the Black American side of the Family, we love to see them shine.

And shine they do yet again, with Studio Maho joining us on today's episode. The studio behind God Punch and Blade Titans, we deep dive into the Black experience.

Every effort is made to keep spoilers to a minimum. (The only exception...

Jun 14, 2023

This weekend we'll be hosting Anime Con UK, but first, the team is joined by an exceptional guest who you'll also find performing at the convention. He is the one and only Shao Dow.

He's a ninja, who moonlights as a manga author and rapper and on this episode, he'll be judging the team's rap skills.

Maybe we can add...